Chocolate Kickstarter 2018
In this Chocolate Kickstarter Area, it shows the progressive and innovative interesting chocolate culture, creative people got more opportunities to be known and to realize their dreams. It would be a great highlight of the exhibition to promote cross-border cooperation and industrial creativity. Moreover, it helps start-ups to know that crowdfunding is another way to begin their pre-sale business. 

Except ordinary chocolates, we would like to see more interesting things like:

Chocolate is Life style, chocolate is creativity, it`s future and more possibilities!

1. Creative chocolate design (better with an introductive website or app)
2. Creative chocolate products (exclusive bakery or chocolate shops)
3. Interesting cocoa tour and charity project (better organized by association or governmental organization)

Exhibiting model
A whole 100m2 Island booth (specially designed)
Products displayed in a closed glass showcase + detailed description of the product and the contact information + the QR code of the Kickstarter website 


Affordable price, visible and easy to operate.

Organizer`s Responsibility & duty
Chocolate Kickstarter Area is only applicable for selected creative products and items, the organizer (CHINNO EXHIBITIONS) DO NOT involved into any step of the fund raising project, including but not limited to the project planning, fund, stock shares, stock ownership, the operation or the profit sharing. Please contact the project representative or the company directly for more details. If any product in the Chocolate Kickstarter causes legal dispute due to copyright infringement, the organizer observes the right to investigate. 

Materials required for applicant
1. A copy of ID card (with project representative’s signature) and Company License (not required for personal applicant)
2. Detailed description of the product/project. (electronic version and paper version, paper version is not mandatory)
3. Article or press release about the product/project. (it helps organizer to know better about the product)
4. The product sample (displayed in the glass showcase)
5. The signed and stamped application contract
6. The QR code of the product/project (it could be contact information, better to be an introductive Kickstarter website)
PS: It would be OK if you wish to display your business card. 

Application Cost
20 show stands only in the chocolate Kickstarter Area, 2400USD/stand, No staff necessary. (The original price for a standard 9sqm booth is USD 4680, plus the cost of flight and accommodation for work people.) The Chocolate Kickstarter Area will be specially designed and constructed by the organizer, and there will be workers to explain for visitors.

Limited space with diversity products
Higher price performance ratio, suitable for start-ups and kick-starters. 
Visitors could see the kickstarts directly, and no trial or gifts available. 
Visitors may know more details of the products by scan the QR-code directly. 
No human resources input, no extra cost for flight, accommodation and booth. 
Enjoy the interesting chocolate feast with diversity innovative chocolate items. 
Strong media promotion (WeChat, EDM, SMS and 50+official media partners)

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