Bean to Bar Chocolate Show 2019
Just like the popularity of specialty coffee in China, people now pay more attention to concepts of organic, nature, health and originality due to the improvement of livelihood. Now bean to bar chocolate becomes blossom in China. However it’s in the infancy now and need more support and care to grow up. So that’s why we set this bean to bar chocolate area to promote the concepts of bean to bar and help people to know it and then to consume it.


Name: Bean to Bar Chocolate Show

Time & Avenue: 
2019. 5. 4. ~ 5. 5 (Saturday-Sunday 10:00~21:00) 
Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory
2019.7.26 ~ 27 (Friday – Saturday 9:30~19:00) 
Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center
2019.11. 29 ~ 12.1 (Friday – Sunday 9:00~17:30) 
Shanghai New International Expo Center
Approval: Shanghai Commercial Committee
Supporters: FCIA-FineChocolate Industry Association
                   VICOFA-Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association
                   WCFO-World Cocoa Farmers Organization
                   Farm Gate Foundation   
                   European Cocoa Commerce      
Organizer: Chinno Exhibitions
Size: 60+ brands and companies
Events:  Choc Expo Shanghai(CHOCEX)
              China Cocoa Forum
              Chocex Choc Workshop 
              The Story of Cafe 


Bean to bar Benefits

Promote the concepts of Bean to bar chocolate
Attract and gather numerous chocolate professionals and lovers together via the Choc Expo Shanghai 2018 which could help to reach the best promotion effect. 
Embody the value of bean to bar chocolate
A special area set for bean to bar chocolate maximizes the particularity and priority. 
Combine with the choc workshop, people could know more easily about the charm and value of bean to bar chocolate through the presentation of chocolate making. (Please refer to the CHOCEX Workshop KIT for more details)
Promote the sales of bean to bar chocolate
The concurrent Cocoa Forum will be associate with this special area and stress on the prospect of bean to bar chocolate in China and global market, share the latest industry information and marketing experiences, and finally achieve the goal of expanding market share and sales promotion. 
Bean to Bar Publicity
Pre-exhibition publicity: the bean to bar chocolate area and the cocoa forum will be highlighted independently mainly on official website, weibo, wechat, EDM Newsletter, MSM and our media partners home and abroad.
During the exhibition: the bean to bar chocolate area will be specially marked in the exhibition guide (one for each visitor). And there will be a floating flag above the Area indicating the bean to bar chocolate area.
Post-show: there will be post-show report about the event on official website, weibo, wechat, EDM Newsletter, MSM and our media partners home and abroad.


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